Tucsy auto-Install

Tucsy is an application developed by Alessandro Tagliati that provides mirroring and phone notifications in LG LAN5020EHTL infotainment devices installed in european Hyundai Tucson 2015 - 2017, KIA Sportage 2016, Vera and Sorento. Install process is usually done by hand, exiting from Hyundai software. In order to avoid erroneous manipulation of device's software and to facilitate its use to less experienced users, BootLoader allows to execute Tucsy's install/uninstall process automatically.

Tucsy website





Created by JKD

Supported systems:

The automatic installation will work in those official software versions supported by BootLoader.


Tucsy installation is not compatible with Menavrus. If you have Menavrus installed on your head unit, do not install Tucsy. Instead, you can run Tucsy by adding its corresponding access button in the Menavrus menu and optionally, configure it to auto-run during Menavrus startup.

To perform automatic installation, Tucsy uses BootLoader, a powerfull tool that lets execute third party applications among other functions. I am not responsible for the consequences arising from the improper use of this utility.

What do I need to install Tucsy automatically?

You need two things:

  1. A pendrive where Tucsy will be saved as usual.

  2. A SD card that will contain necessary files to execute install/uninstall process.

Steps to follow

  1. Download and unzip Tucsy into a pendrive as indicated by author's website.

  2. Download and unzip auto-installer in an empty SD card. Select one of thees available languages: Spanish, English o Italian. Make sure that in the root directory of the SD, files are seen as in the image on the right.

  3. In the vehicle, insert the pendrive first and then the SD. Device will reboot and run BootLoader. It will offer the possibility of installing or uninstalling Tucsy. Select "Tucsy - Install" and press "Execute" on the bottom bar.

After following the installation steps indicated by Tucsy, head unit will be restarted. At this point you can remove the SD card. Tucsy is already installed!

If you have not removed the SD in time, BootLoader will run again after the restart. If so, press the "Exit" button on the bottom bar to close the program. Keep in mind that if you run BootLoader, the Hyundai maps application will not work until you restart, so instead of pressing "Exit" you can choose to remove the SD card and press "Reset" icon in BootLoader to restart cleanly.

At this point, the SD is no longer necessary unless you want to uninstall Tucsy, for which you just have to follow the same steps by choosing "Tucsy - Uninstall" in the BootLoader menu. Keep the SD in a safe place.

Enjoy Tucsy