This application is a complement of RadioLogos. It performs a scan in the radio's RDS channel to obtain the information related to the available FM stations (frequency, station name, PI code ...). This information is useful to identify those radio stations that do not yet have a logo, thus allowing to give logos to new stations in a faster way.




Created by JKD

Supported base systems:

This application works on the same systems supported by RadioLogos.

How to execute RDSList:

1- In order to execute RDSList, BootLoader application is necessary. So, download BootLoader and unzip file in an empty SD. It's recommended not to use the original SD card of the vehicle.
2- Download RDSList and unnzip the downloaded file in the SD card where BootLoader is installed.
3- Insert the card into the headunit. Device will restart. If SD only has RDSList, it will be executed automatically. Otherwise, BootLoader will be displayed on screen offering the list of available applications to be executed. In this case, select RDSList and press the "Execute" button.


The operation is as simple as its interface. The window shows 4 buttons at the top.

- Scan/Stop: Starts or stops scanning RDS channel.
- Save: It allows saving in the SD card at any time the information obtained with the filename RDSList-X.bin, where X is a number used to avoid overwriting other logs generated with the same application.
- Clear: Deletes the obtained list.
- MiniIcon:It hides the main window, and shows an icon that can be freely moved around the headunit's screen. Clicking on the icon displays the main window.

Basically, all you have to do is run RDSList, press the "Scan" button and let the application do its work while you drive. RDSList performs periodic scans. Initially, it generates a list of available stations in its location, but as it moves with your vehicle, this list expands with new stations reported through the RDS channel.

The application records the results in the same file at 5 minute intervals. While there is no new data, and each time it saves the results, "Save" button is disabled.

Each time you press the "Clear" button, RDSList will generate a new file. The number of results obtained is displayed in the lower area of ​​the main window and in the icon of the application if the main window is hidden.

The more you travel with your vehicle through a geographical area, the more complete the list obtained will be. The application avoids adding duplicate results. If you see the same FM station in several results it means that any other of its data has changed. For example, the same station may have more than one frequency or different IP codes in different locations.

I've got the results. Now, what?:

Results are located at the SD's root folder. You can send them by mail at this direction: jkdsoft@gmail.com
It would be useful to mention in the mail the country to which the results belong or the geographical area where it has been circulated, although this would not be mandatory.
From that moment, it stats a process of data analysis, identification of the stations through their PI code, search and edition of the images that will make up the FM station's logos.