Application designed to provide radio stations logos to infotainment devices installed in european Hyundai Tucson 2015 - 2017 (LG LAN5020EHTL). It's also known that this application works with some KIA models prior to year 2017 like Sportage, Vera and Sorento.


Program: (28-04-2020)

License: 8€


Created by JKD

Supported base systems:

RadioLogos has been tested successfully in LAN5020EHTL headunits which use one of the official Hyundai/KIA software versions listed below:

20.103, 20.110, 20.112, 20.165, 20.166, 20.178, 20.183, 20.194

To check your software version, press SETUP button during 5 seconds. Version screen will be displayed. The interesting information in this case is "Software version". If you have a different version of the ones specified here, it's not guaranted RadioLogos will work. Nor can it be guaranteed that application is going to work in succesive versions of Hyundai's software until adding them into above list.

Supported countries:

These are supported countries by now. Work is underway to add new countries...

Last database update (yyyy-mm-dd): 2021-04-09

If you have additional logos from a listed country or you have logos from another country and you want it to be available for downloading from RadioLogos, send a mail to

If your country is not listed or some FM stations appear without logo, you can cooperate capturing data from FM stations' RDS channel, needed to identify each station using RDSList application. It's very easy to use.

How to use RadioLogos:

1- Click on "Download" button.
2- In order to execute RadioLogos, BootLoader software is needed so, download and unzip BootLoader in to an empty SD. Do NOT use your originl SD card.
3- Unzip downloaded file in the SD where BootLoader has been installed.
4- Internet connection is optional. But if you wish to get a license and, in order to download station logos with RadioLogos, it's necessary that your headunit has an internet connection. In that case, enable "internet shared connection" in your smartphone.
5- Switch on vehicle's engine and insert SD in headunit. Device will restart and RadioLogos is going to execute automatically. A message and a countdown of 90 seconds will be displayed warning about the need of internet connection. If you don't need internet connection you can skip this warning. But, if you want to download logos from internet, don't touch anything and let RadioLogos detect an available connection. Once connection is available, message will disappear and RadioLogos' main screen will be displayed.

Please, verify that application works in your infotainment device before acquiring license.


RadioLogos lets you install, uninstall and import logos in your device for free. But acquiring a license, you can update logos using internet, saving the annoyance of searching, downloading, uncompressing, saving to SD card and installing logos using a simple click. Just selecting desired country.

If this application is useful to you, you can support its developer's work (analyzing, designing, programming ...) acquiring a license for a small price that will let you update logos using internet in your device.

Notes for Germany:

Some people in Germany are having connection problems so RadioLogos can not download neither license file nor logos from internet despite wifi seems to be enabled and connected to smarphone's shared connection. Another issue in Germany is that installed logos dissapear from device. This problem is caused by DAB radio which deletes all files in EPG folder. Curiously, this problem only affects to users in Germany.

If you live in Germany, check next steps to ensure that connection is working before adquiring a license:

  • - Enable internet sharing connection on your smartphone and wifi in your headunit.

  • - Run RadioLogos in your headunit and press icon "Erneuern". Then, press on "Code eingeben" button.

  • - Enter any code. Don't worry about the code. Press "Lizenzcode senden" button

  • - Check the result message. If message is "Konnte keine lizenzdatei vom server bekommen:5 " you are affected by this issue. Any other message requires a successful connection so it would mean that you're not affected by that problem.

Steps to acquire license:

Click on "Buy" button. The payment is made in a safe way using PayPal. It's not necessary to have a Paypal account because you can pay using a credit card.

If you pay using a credit card be sure to enter a valid email. You will receive by mail the license code when payment is complete and instructions to download license file.

Note: If a refund of the license fee is desired, please note that once the code has been entered and the license file has been downloaded, the refund is not possible. Think it over, before acquiring one ;)

Demo video: