Application designed for LG LAN5020EHTL infotainment devices installed in european Hyundai Tucson 2015 - 2017, KIA Sportage 2016, Vera and Sorento that lets you execute other programs. Despite it's not a real bootloader, this app takes its name because it runs apps when device is booting.


Program: (1.7GB)

License: 10€ USER

License: 20€ PRO

Created by JKD

Supported base systems:

RadioLogos has been tested successfully in LAN5020EHTL headunits which use one of the official Hyundai/KIA software versions listed below:

20.103, 20.110, 20.112, 20.165, 20.166, 20.178, 20.183, 20.194

To check your software version, press SETUP button during 5 seconds. Version screen will be displayed. The interesting information in this case is "Software version". If you have a different version of the ones specified here, it's not guaranted application will work. Nor can it be guaranteed that application is going to work in succesive versions of Hyundai's software until adding them into above list.


Initially this application has been designed for developers who want to facilitate the automatic execution of their programs when headunit starts, but any user can easily add the applications / utilities that have on his SD card. In any case, I am not responsible for the consequences of the improper use of this utility.

RadioLogos application uses BootLoader to be auto executed when SD is inserted in to the headunit. In addition, if the configuration of the program to be executed indicates that it needs Internet access, BootLoader enables the Wi-Fi connection without the need for valid maps on the SD card and displays a message waiting for the user to activate his shared connection until it is detected that device has been connected to a network for a maximum of 90 seconds (this process can be skipped). Then it executes application.

This application does NOT replace Menavrus. Although it would allow Menavrus' installer to work in Hyundai's software version 20.178 without touching a single line of its code. But you can run its applications, except those that require access to GPS (at least for now). Unlike Menavrus, it does not install anything on the device.

Alternative tools:

In the other hand, BootLoader offers these posibilities:
1 - Execute an external file browser (TotalCommander)
2 - Execute a task manager which lets to kill executing processes
3 - Access to diagnostic mode (Diagmode)
4 - Manual Wi-Fi activation
5 - Close Hyundai/KIA's software to access Windows
6 - Restart device

And it provices an additional information panel about:
1 - Device's ID.
2 - Versión of software, firmware, navigator and Hyundai/KIA maps.
3 - Information about Wi-Fi in real time: Status, SSID, IP and MAC
4 - Memory: Total, available and used in real time
5 - GPS information: Coords and Altitude
6 - CANBUS information: Speed and icons about "speed limit" and "no overtaking" signals detected by vehicle's frontal camera (if it's supported by vehicle)

By now application is available only in English.

How does it work:

When a SD card is inserted or removed, infotainment device is restarted.


It is not necessary to acquire a license for BootLoader to work since it will execute the configured application. But if a user wants to create an SD, configure items from the auto-run menu or use the additional utilities, a license would be necessary. Think of it as a way to support the work of research and development of this project.

There are two license types:

Steps to acquire a license:

  1. First of all, make sure that BootLoader works in your vehicle. Download the application, unzip it in an empty SD, check that the file "cfg_showmenu" exists in the \ boot folder and insert the SD in the vehicle. If the interface is shown, you have the free way to acquire a license :)

  2. Here, choose the type of license that best suits your needs (PRO or USER) by clicking on its corresponding button.
    The payment process is done securely through Paypal. It is not necessary to have an account in Paypal but be sure to indicate a valid email address. Once the payment is completed, you will receive an email to the address indicated with a license code.

  3. In the vehicle, when BootLoader interface is displayed, click on the name of the program. A section where you enter the 6-digit code will appear. Be sure to enable the shared connection on your smartphone so that BootLoader can download license. Press the "Send" icon on the bottom bar.

License will be downloaded on "\license" folder and will be linked to your device.

Example: How to configure an application

In next example, we are going to configure an SD to execute RadioLogos.

  1. We unzip into an empty SD.

  2. Despite RadioLogos can be located anywhere in SD, to keep an order, I save programs in "\apps" folder. So I create "\apps\radiologos\" folder and I copy RadioLogos.exe on it

  3. Lets go to our vehicle to configure BootLoader's menu. After inserting SD, we wait for device to start.

  4. BootLoader is displayed. We press "Add" in bottom bar

  5. As you can see, there are only 4 things to configure.

    • Name: The name that we want to give to our program. In this case "RadioLogos"

    • Path: The absolute path where executable is located

    • Arguments: This is an optional parameter that lets you give some arguments to the program if it supports them.

    • Use network: This lets to indicate that application needs a network connection for some operations so BootLoader forces Wi-Fi activation in device.

  6. Touching the path's edit box we access to an embedded file browser to select the executable in an easy way. This avoids to type wrong path to RadioLogos.exe

  7. Once program is selected, we press OK in the bottom bar and it's done. Finally, if you don't want BootLoader interface to be displayed, delete "cfg_showmenu" file from "\boot" folder.

  8. Restart device and check the result.